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Want to speak to one of our experts? Book A Consultation

Want to speak to one of our experts? Book A Consultation

Our Mission

We are a software development company dedicated to bringing trading bots to the retail trader looking to take a hands free but incredibly profitable trading approach.

Our Story

“Proving beginners can learn and make money at the same time”

Automated Trading Solutions was created when one of our own had been scammed by signal providers for thousands of pounds. We thought to ourselves, enough is enough, and set out to create winning trading bots that implemented our best performing trading strategies and our private algorithms. We wanted to help prove that people who want to start trading forex can make money and learn at the same time. 

We are not saying you will become a millionaire overnight just by using our Auto-Bot, investing is all about the long term and looking at the percentages instead of the numbers. We never ignore the systematic risk of trading and never lie about the reality of trading with our software, anytime you invest you are taking some sort of risk, so we will never say our software is risk free. However, if you use our bots correctly, it can be incredibly rewarding and profitable. 

No games, no lies, and our verified myfxbook performance is here for everyone to see, we let our numbers do the talking.